Learn what you app,
Research what you app!

 You don’t have to be a scientist to start your project at CORUS.

 All you need to do is answer very few simple questions and follow the 3 step guideline.

 We promise you it will be as simple as middle school science fair.

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CORUS supports reactive design.

CORUS supports your happiness!

What is CORUS happiness?


 CORUS provides convenient research tool for you. Research does not have to be an area of expertise anymore.

You can participate or even start your own research just with a few simple clicks.


 Based on our long history of medical research, CORUS ensures that you are participating in your research with the maximum level of safety.


 Although you may not be an expert, we can help you become an expert of the product of your interest.

With our expertise on medical research, CORUS ensures that you get the meaningful result out of your research.


 Share your experience and opinion on health with other users, and you can also learn from others who have already tried the product of your interest.

Participate in research,
Get reward!

 The valuable research data obtained through your participation will be analyzed by CORUS and turned into meaningful research results.

 The results are shared via Steemit,
a block-chain-based SNS service, and rewarded by cryptocurrency STEEM

 CORUS shares the STEEM obtained through this process with the research participants.

The more you contribute actively to research, the more rewards you get.

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CORUS is always open!

We are here :)

If you want to meet our team, please refer to the information below.

We are here  291, Daehak-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Republic of Korea

Email:  corus@biosoft.kaist.ac.kr

Contact available:  Monday - Friday: 8:00 - 17:00